Smart Body Motion Sensor (ZMS07)

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Elevate your home security with the AVATTO Smart Body Motion Sensor (ZMS07). Featuring low power consumption and mobile app control, this Zigbee 3.0 sensor provides reliable and efficient motion detection. Activate the alarm function for added security, receiving instant notifications when infrared light is detected. With multi-scene linkage capabilities, this sensor seamlessly integrates with other Zigbee smart devices. Versatile and suitable for various applications such as wardrobes, lobbies, bathrooms, and bedrooms. Trust in its precision and durability for a smarter, safer living space. Choose the AVATTO Smart Body Motion Sensor (ZMS07) for advanced home monitoring.

Smart Body Motion Sensor (ZMS07)

  • Low Power Consumption
    • Utilizes a 16-bit microprocessor for extended battery life and low power consumption.
  • Mobile APP Control
    • Regularly sends online reports to the host through mobile app control.
  • Alarm Function
    • Activates an alarm when you leave the house, detecting infrared light triggers an alarm and sends notifications to your mobile phone.
  • Linkage for Multi-Scene
    • PIR can link with other Zigbee smart devices in your home, such as night lights automatically turning on when PIR detects movement as you get up at night.
  • Wide Application
    • Suitable for various locations, including wardrobes, lobbies, bathrooms, bedrooms, and more.

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