Smart IR Central Control Panel (MIUC-101-W/B)

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Elevate your home automation with the AVATTO Smart IR Central Control Panel (MIUC-101-W/B). Effortlessly manage traditional infrared devices like TV and air conditioners, along with Tuya ecosystem devices, through a handheld smart screen. With features like IR DIY learning, privacy settings, and family share functionality, it becomes your go-to home device control center. Enjoy the convenience of app remote control and seamless integration with WiFi and IR protocols. Transform your living space with the versatile and intelligent Smart IR Central Control Panel from AVATTO.

Smart IR Central Control Panel (MIUC-101-W/B)

  • Smart WiFi IR Handheld Center Control Panel: Control traditional infrared home appliances like TV and air conditioner, along with Tuya ecosystem devices such as switches, sockets, lamps, and curtains.
  • Handheld Smart Screen: Mobile smart screen serving as a ready-to-use home device control center.
  • Support Five Kinds of Device Control: Requires cooperation with a gateway (RF remote control) to control Bluetooth and Zigbee devices (RF devices).
  • Support IR DIY Learning: Enables infrared learning, allowing manual learning and correction of infrared buttons.
  • APP Remote Control: Functions as a smart home control center, providing control over devices anytime, anywhere through the Smart Life App.
  • Privacy Function: Set and view privacy screens and devices exclusively through your phone.
  • Family Share Function: Collaborate and control your smart house together with family members.

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