WiFi Water Leakage Alarm (WS06)

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AVATTO WiFi Water Leakage Alarm Sensor

Elevate your home protection with the AVATTO wifi water leakage alarm sensor (WS06). Also, Featuring a sensitive water leakage sensor, this compact device safeguards your home from potential leaks and floods. Control and receive instant alerts through the Tuya app, preventing costly damage. With professional IP67 waterproofing and a battery-powered, energy-efficient design, it’s easy to install and offers reliable performance. The plug-and-play simplicity makes it an essential addition to your smart home security. Invest in peace of mind with the AVATTO WiFi Water Leakage Alarm (WS06).”

Why  AVATTO WiFi Water Leakage Alarm Sensor (WS06) Is The eBest Choice? 

  • Water Leakage Sensor: Sensitive probes protect your home from leaks and floods, whether it’s a dripping sink or a severe weather event.
  • Tuya App Control: Receive instant push notifications and alarms on your smartphone via the Tuya app, helping prevent costly water damage by alerting you to leaks.
  • Professional IP67 Waterproof: The panel’s professional waterproofing ensures proper functionality, even when exposed to water, preventing moisture damage to internal components.
  • Battery Powered with Low Energy Consumption: Easy to install and use, the sensor operates on low energy, providing reliable performance.
  • Plug & Play: Compact and reliable, the sensor offers a hassle-free plug-and-play experience.


  • Equipped with remote control for easy operation.
  • Access water security anytime with AVATTO Tuya WiFi.
  • Compact and lightweight for convenient use and storage.

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