WiFi Curtain Switch (N-CS10)

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AVATTO WiFi Curtain Switch (N-CS10)

Upgrade your home with the AVATTO wifi curtain switch (N-CS10). Also, enjoy the convenience of remotely controlling electrical blinds, curtains, and more via the Smart Life app or voice commands through Amazon Alexa or Google Home. So, with safe touch control and a maximum power capacity of 2200W. Also, this switch is designed for high-power appliances. So, set up timing schedules, ensuring your curtains operate seamlessly even without a network. Crafted with safety in mind, the fireproof ABS material ensures worry-free operation. Elevate your living space with the intelligence of AVATTO’s WiFi Curtain Switch.

Choose the best WiFi Curtain Switch (N-CS10) From AVATTO 

  • Works for Electrical Blinds: Seamlessly compatible with smart curtains, electric doors, and other appliances. Effortlessly control curtain closure via phone or Alexa Echo voice commands for added convenience.
  • Safe Touch Control Switch: With a maximum power capacity of 2200W, this touch curtain switch ensures safe operation for high-power appliances in your home. Crafted from fireproof ABS material, prioritize safety without compromising functionality.
  • APP Remote Control: Enjoy the convenience of remotely opening or closing curtains or electrical doors using your smartphone. Whether it’s morning or night, manage your home with ease via the app, accessible as long as your iOS/Android device has a 3G/4G/WIFI network.
  • Compatible with Amazon Alexa/Google Home: Seamlessly integrate with Alexa or Google Home devices for voice-controlled curtain operations. Experience easy and smart life operation.
  • Timing Schedules: Set up to 8 single, repeat, or countdown timing schedules for each device. Even in the absence of a network, preset timers continue to function as long as the device remains powered on.

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