Zigbee Door Sensor (ZDS16)

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Best Zigbee Door Sensor

Elevate your home security with the AVATTO best Zigbee door sensor (ZDS16). Enjoy tamper alarm notices for added safety, create intelligent linkage scenes on the Smart Life APP, and receive remote alerts when away. The sleek groove design blends refinement with functionality, while stick-on installation ensures versatility without compromising your home’s aesthetics. Stay informed with low-battery alerts, easy alignment during installation, and the convenience of family sharing through the Smart Life APP. Trust in the CE-certified AVATTO Zigbee Door Sensor for seamless and reliable home protection.

Why Zigbee Door Sensor (ZDS16) is best?

  • Tamper Alarm Notice: Instantly receive alert notifications when someone attempts to remove the device, ensuring continuous security.
  • Create Linkage Scenes: Establish smart scenes on the Smart Life APP, enabling automatic activation of your smart lights upon door opening.
  • Receive Alerts Remotely: Stay informed even when away from home. The door sensor detects unauthorized entry and sends instant alerts through the APP.
  • Mini/Groove Design: The sleek groove design adds texture and refinement to the product’s appearance.
  • Multi-Scenario Application: Effortless stick-on installation allows placement on doors, windows, drawers, and more, preserving the original home structure and aesthetics.
  • Low-Battery Alert Notice: Receive timely reminders through the APP when the sensor’s power is low, ensuring continuous functionality.
  • Easy to Install: Simple alignment with the middle line, with a gap of less than 10 mm, facilitates hassle-free installation.
  • Family Members Sharing One Sensor: Share device access with your family through the Smart Life APP, enhancing overall home security.

Enhance your home security seamlessly with the AVATTO Smart Zigbee Door Sensor. Experience advanced features, stylish design, and easy installation for ultimate peace of mind.

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